Business Solution

If you own a successful business, you know the meaning of hard

work and what satisfaction truly feels like. If you also have

the responsibility of supporting a family, you know what it's

like to occasionally accomplish the impossible.

Here is some information to help you prepare for our meeting

and get you thinking about possible solutions to your needs.

Helping Your Business Grow

Owning a business is among the most common paths to financial

independence — but no one ever said it would be easy.

Running a successful business requires you to study, ask questions

of experts in your industry, and seek the counsel of qualified

tax, legal, and financial advisors. Ask me about John Hancock's

insurance and financial products that can help you support your

business growth plan.

Planning for Your Business's Future

If you weren't around to run your business, what would happen

to it and the income it provides your family? Would a successor

be ready to take over? What will happen when you eventually

retire? Are your family members planning to step in and continue

what you've started? Do you expect to continue receiving an

income from your business after you stop working? People often

allow the day-to-day demands of running a business to prevent

them from answering these important questions until too late.

Don't let it happen to you.

Retirement and Estate Conservation Products and Services

Of course, you may feel like you never want to retire from

your business. You put your life into building it, and now it

has become your lifeblood. But maybe someday you'll want to

slow down, take it easy. Wouldn't it be nice to have that option?

On the other hand, your health might someday prevent you from

working as hard as you'd like. Or perhaps forces outside your

control could alter the market for your products or services.

In short, you may not have complete control over when you decide

to leave your business.

It's important to plan for the unexpected. Using the appropriate

retirement planning and estate conservation products and services

can help you create options, so that you, your family, and your

business are prepared for an array of outcomes. Today's business

owners and self-employed individuals have a wide range of choices

to help them protect their loved ones, take more control over

the future of their business, and manage the risks of daily

living and the unexpected. As a financial professional, I can help you

begin to create a plan that addresses your concerns and your


Life Insurance for Risk Management

The nature of business is living with risk — the risk of expanding

on borrowed money, launching products and services, extending

credit, and hiring workers. But the successful business owner

knows that opportunity lives on the same street as risk. Those

who do their best to minimize risk have more time to focus on

the pursuit of opportunity.

One way to manage risk is with life insurance. You would purchase

insurance to help protect your capital investments against fire,

theft, or other risks. But have you taken steps to protect against

the loss of key employees? Or protected your family against

the risk of a loan default if something happened to you? Life

insurance can help reduce the financial risks to your business

and your family if you or other key players die before completing

long-term plans.

Offering a Competitive Benefits Package

Regardless of how high or low the unemployment rate is, it's

always difficult and expensive to replace a quality employee.

Once you've found the best people, keeping them interested in

your company and motivated to perform at peak levels is a big


A competitive benefits package is a must-have in today's labor

market. If you are thinking that benefits are an expense you

can't afford, consider these reasons for offering them.

Carefully selected benefits can cut your turnover rate and

the related costs of hiring and training replacements. Benefits

can help boost company morale and improve productivity. And

benefits can be more affordable than you expect. Some can be

offered at virtually no cost to you.

Allow me to help you analyze your needs. You may be surprised

at how easy it is to add the types of protection and planning

appropriate to your business without spending a fortune.

 No one Plans to Fail but many Fail to Plan!  Let us Help!